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D’CENT Biometric Wallet Cripto Novedad

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Robust Security
Bank grade EAL5+ Secure Element
Secure OS embedded on microprocessor
Stand-alone private key generation independantly
Simplicity and Convenience
Large OLED display
Multiple buttons for easy navigation
Li-ion Polymer battery
Built-in Fingerprint sensor
Support for PIN and Fingerprint authentication
Dual Interface
USB connection
Bluetooth connection
H/W Features
Fingerprint sensor
Secure Element: EAL5+
BLE 4.1
1.1 inch OLED display
128x128 pixels
Battery 585mA
Micro USB 5Pin
Weight : 36g / 1.27oz
Height: 78.2 mm
Width: 43.2 mm
Depth: 10.8 mm